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From the RejudiCare brand of luxury
skin care products, a complexion brightening
system featuring a “first-ever” complex of ingredients….

Illumin Skin Brightening Kit

Generally, skin brightening products from high-end brands contain as many as 3 ingredients that control excess melanin formation, a leading cause of complexion blemishes and unsightly spots. Now, after extensive research, comes RejudiCare ILLUMIN formulated with 5 brightening ingredients that control 7 separate pathways to melanin formation. From now on, smooth, luminous skin at any age is no longer just wishful thinking; it’s an accessible reality encapsulated in ILLUMIN’s advanced, two- step system.

Step One: The ILLUMIN Serum, a potent complex of spot fading ingredients, targets localized blemishes and dark patches using a special roller ball for maximum precision. Since it is not meant to be applied all over the face, this serum contains a higher-than-usual concentration of active ingredients to fade individual spots ---- quickly and with no stinging sensation. In just days even the most stubborn spots begin to disappear and stay gone for good.

Step Two: The ILLUMIN Cream, applied immediately after the serum has dried, is a veritable breakthrough in the science of facial brightening. It combines a newly identified super-peptide with 3 other active ingredients, each well recognized for exceptional brightening and skin revitalizing properties. Delivering twenty-four hour controlled release for optimal skin penetration, this cream, when used daily together with the ILLUMN Serum, has the power to turn a lackluster complexion into a fresh, glowing face, brimming with vitality.

The ILLUMIN Skin Brightening Kit is available through skin care professionals carrying the Rejudicare Synergy brand of products. The suggested retail price is $158 for a 2- month supply of both products contained in the kit.

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