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Based on new developments in the science of skin
care, a new product from RejudiCare Synergy


Emolia, a triple-action, moisturizing cream solves three of the most aggravating complexion problems: persistent dryness, localized irritation and that uncomfortable sensation of tight skin. In addition, this medium density, anti-infl ammatory formula helps restore and maintain a healthy level of skin hydration.

While Emolia glides lightly over the face, never clogging pores and feeling barely there, it has the proven potency to correct and re-balance the texture of any complexion, particularly one that is troubled by problems resulting from excessive dehydration. When used as part of a daily RejudiCare Synergy skin care routine, the face quickly regains its smooth, unblemished texture and radiant vitality.

Emolia is based on a synergy of ingredients, each recognized for highly efficient moisturizing properties. The cream has a 3% complex of Glycolic and Mandelic Acids to draw moisture deep into the skin’s layers while sloughing off dead skin cells on the surface. Argan oil provides high concentrations of Omega-6 and Vitamin E to lock in the essential moisture needed for a smooth complexion, free of infl ammation and dry patches.Tripeptide-2 (TT-2), a relatively new super-peptide, works at the skin’s cellular level, alleviating damage caused by free radicals that contribute to dull and dry facial texture.

All these ingredients plus others give Emolia the power to turn parched and irritated skin into a bright, vibrant complexion- the kind of complexion that makes a woman feel confi dent and attractive.

Emolia is compatible with other Rejudicare Synergy products and is available through doctors and skin care clinics that carry the brand. The suggested retail price is $79 for a 50ml bottle.

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